The Simplepitch Difference

As entrepreneurs, we see opportunities where traditional channels do not.  Our investment and involvement helps companies achieve profitability and scalability.   We fill the void that entrepreneurs face when raising capital.


Private Equity

Venture Capital

  • Meet certain financial thresholds

  • At least 2-3 years business history

  • Personal Guarantees

  • Meet minimum sales & profitability requirements

  • Typically must give up control

  • Looking for "billion dollar idea"

  • More focused on technology

  • Limited financial and human capital to achieve rapid growth

  • Risk of going "all in"


Start-up Capital

Growth Equity

Debt Financing

Our Philosophy 

Cash is king.  We look for businesses that do not have to rely on an exit or outside financing to keep growing. With our capital and operating expertise, we focus all business decisions (hires, marketing, systems, etc.) on growing the piggy bank.

Collect Cash

Buy Inventory

Make Sale

How fast is your cash conversion cycle?

Despite proof of growth and profitablity, businesses that have slow cash conversion cycles struggle to grow without continuing to need capital and rarely pay out distributions to their owners.